Geek Content Services

The Geek Initiative accepts posts from a variety of geeks from all over the world. We pride ourselves in mentoring our writers and editors – helping a student with a serious interest in writing a blog post in exchange for a press pass, for example. Many of our writers and editors also handle freelance writing and editing work on the side.

We are happy to connect you with a writer and manage that process, professional contracts and all.

We offer the following services at per project rates, negotiable based upon your needs and the level of experience of our geeky writers and editors. Most of the fees go directly to the writers; the rest go to management fees and paying our editors and writers for the fantastic content they produce here on The Geek Initiative.

The Geek Initiative is led by Tara M. Clapper, a geek with over fifteen years of experience as a professional writer, editor, marketer, and game designer.


  • Convention coverage
  • LARP and tabletop RPG writing
  • Comic books, graphic novels, and related movies
  • Literature reviews
  • Features and interviews (with celebrities, authors, and everyday folks)
  • Inside scoops on geek culture and emerging, innovative content
  • Video games
  • Inclusive content, proudly embracing LGBTQIA+, women of all colors, and more
  • Blog posts and blogging packages


  • Copyediting
  • Developmental editing
  • Cultural sensitivity edits
  • LARP and tabletop RPG edits and testing
  • Sci-fi and fantasy novels
  • Short stories

Other Web Services

We’re also highly connected with other geeks specializing in live streaming, graphic design, web design, digital marketing, and more. Reach out for a recommendation.

Geek Content Inquiries

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