My last review on Terry Moore’s successful comic series, Rachel Rising, The Geek Initiative published back in May. Since then, the website has been hacked and we’ve been locked out from pumping content. Now we’re back. As I sit at my computer typing these words, I ask myself if I delayed reading this final trade because I was waiting for the website to be live again or I was saving myself from the inevitable: the end of Rachel Rising.

My obsession with Terry Moore’s work began with Echo from Abstract Studio. Almost a year ago, I reviewed my first piece for TGI and feel in love with the characters, the artwork, story, and Moore’s creativity (I’m trying not to sound like a creep and picking my words carefully in the event he happens to read this).

From there, I followed two other series, Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising. This article encompassing my final thoughts and emotions to say goodbye to one of my favorite series of all time. There’s nothing quite like reading a horror comic with more psychological trauma versus artwork of complete gore.

Brief Overview

To start from the beginning, Issue #1 of Rachel Rising opens with 324497-_sx400_ql80_ttd_the following quote:

Death is not the worst thing that can happen to you. –Plato

I thought of this quote when I was on the final few panels left of Issue #42. Trying not to give more away here than necessary, let’s talk about the basics.

Dust to Dust holds the remaining five issues from #37 to #42, tying
loose ends to all plot points and arches. The most important moments include Rachel’s relationship with Lilith and Zoe; the importance of Earl; and most (most) important is the true identity of Rachel’s killer and Ma Malai.


On his Facebook page, Moore shared some advice for artists and those interested in self-publishing. I’m glad I read Dust to Dust the day he posted it:

“Self-publishing only worked for me as life style, more than a job. It takes all your time.

“The theme in all my stories is hope, and my style is more TV than cinema. You’ll notice I work mainly in medium close-ups, background is not what I’m into. A clever sequence of events is not what I’m into. All I care about are the characters, and I love them all, whoever I’m writing or drawing, I’m in their shoes at that moment. So I can argue both sides of every issue this way. I can write Trump and Clinton from their points of view. I think you have to be able to do that, as an actor, as a writer, as a cartoonist.

“The rest is hard work and networking.”


It’s moments like these I’m thankful for social media because of the connection you can have with some of your favorite role models. I don’t need flashy colors or intricate details to backgrounds. Everything was already provided.

My Pesky Cliff Hangers

Unlike Echo, there wasn’t a complete cliff hanger at the end. But what was missing was the creepy friend of Aunt Johnny’s colleague, Dr. Siemen. We never learned what he implanted behind her ear when she was being brought back to life or any of his other crazy schemes. Also, Detective Corpell. Where’d he go? Not to mention, the two old ladies who realized who Lilith truly was. I didn’t realize this when I finished the book, but just a minute ago.

My top issue with this Malus’ death was how he died. Don’t get me wrong, it was an epic end to his existence on Earth, but my question is why was it only a small square photograph? The rest of the scene was massive, but if anything, I wish his death wasn’t rushed into. …I take back what I said about the cliff hangers. Oops.

I’m selfish and I want more.


In all honesty, I’m not sure what attracted me to this story so much. To narrow it down, it was probably its simplicity. When reading for pleasure, I don’t want to think too hard, ha-ha! The images from panel to panel engulfed my attention and thoughts and before I realized, I was on the final page. Go in peace, Rachel, it’s unfortunately time.

Death is a dialogue between the spirit and the dust. –Emily Dickinson

Terry’s next project: Motor Girl Issue #1 hits stores on November 1st, 2016. To learn more about the upcoming series, you can check it out here. Hopefully I won’t be fangirling too hard to prevent my having an actual conversation with him.

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If you’re interested in reading the final issues of Dust to Dust, you can purchase the book here or here for the Rachel Rising Omnibus.

Publisher: Robyn Moore

All images used with permission of the publisher.
Full Disclosure: The reviewer received a copy of the comic for review.