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Kristy Swanson and Jill

I recently had the opportunity to attend Wizard World Chicago. Instead of giving a blow by blow of the con, I wanted direct my focus of the weekend on meeting one of my icons.

Growing up, one of the first real heroines I saw on screen was Kristy Swanson in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the story of a clueless, popular girl who obtains her birthright and becomes a hero. She had snark, power, and feelings. She was muscular and a gymnast, and I remember watching it, thinking, “I want to be like her.”

The first time I saw Kristy was in 2009 at Dragon*Con. For whatever reason, I didn’t see her at the autograph line [i.e. the Walk of Fame].  When I heard she would be here at WW Chicago, well, I knew I had to meet her.

Dressed as Wonder Woman, I headed on up to the upper level, where the horror section of the con was.  Walking pass some display hearses, I saw her booth at the end of the row. She was sitting there, with an adorable pixie haircut and a leather coat. She waved at me and smiled. For a moment, I got all teary eyed. It was a foreign feeling, for a situation like that, but there I was, standing in front of Buffy herself.

[Tweet “‘…but there I was, standing in front of Buffy herself.'”]

The Conversation: Kristy Swanson and Me

Me: You don’t know how much this means to me. Kristy, you were an inspiration.  I took gymnastics because of you.

Kristy: Aww, you did?

Me: And you were the first heroine I really looked up to. You are everything.

Kristy then got up, came from around the table, and gave me a huge hug. She’s not as tall as I thought she’d be, but the hug was fierce.

Kristy: You stabbed me with your boobs! [laughs]

Me [looks down at breast plate]: So sorry!

Kristy: It’s okay.

I chose the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” poster on her table to get signed. I will cherish it forever and a day.

The following day, the last day of the con, was her panel. Most of the questions were centered on her role of Buffy. When asked if she would ever consider being part of a remake of the film or show, she expressed her shock at not being asked to play a role in the series, and added, “I love Buffy, and if they ever did a remake or a reboot or whatever, I’d love to play a part in it.”

I asked her if she would ever do a [belated] sequel. Her response?

“A belated sequel would mean…Buffy’s forty-five years old? That’s a funny thought! Oh gosh. I’m not the kind of person that says ‘no’ to anything. I’m always open to listening to ideas and concepts, so…I would be flattered to be asked.”

The fact that she said she would basically accept the challenge and be open to the role thrilled me to no end. So much so that I’ve opted to try my hand at writing a script for a forty-five year old Buffy [no last name]. 

At the very least, it’ll be one helluva fan fic.

Have you ever dreamed of meeting one of your favorite actors? Has it happened? Tell us all about the experience in the comments, or submit your own account to us for publication.

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