Dealmakers and Dreamers: A Faefolk Digital Larp Dates and Tickets

Fae Digital Larp

Ready to play a new kind of vampire larp? This is the ticket sales page for Dealmakers and Dreamers: A Faefolk Digital Larp. Read more about the details of this larp and view the trailer here. Got questions or want to meet the other players? Join the Facebook group!

Character and Ticket Types

The Geek Initiative offers three ticket types for Dealmakers and Dreamers:

  • Sandbeing: One per run. This is an antagonistic role; this character has brought all of us to the foggy land of dreams. You should be comfortable playing an antagonist and driving massive plot if you select this ticket. (Pre-cast or returning.)
  • Fae Monarch, Faefolk, or Hapless Mortal: A pre-cast or returning fae character (from Hellfire or First Bite). Serious or comedic. Examples include: Tooth Fairy, Sock Fairy, Dastardly Leprechaun.
  • An accessibility ticket (one per run): for players who have difficulty accessing larp for any reason, including financial. This player may choose to play a second monarch, a faefolk, or a hapless mortal. (some runs may have two monarchs who share responsibility).

Note: Though roles are pre-cast, we still cast according to a character survey and your requests/suggestions.

Some runs have more play time than others. As such, the costs for these roles and runs vary.

This larp is not streamed, though there will be special opportunities for in-character interviews.

Larp Schedule

The schedule for this larp is as follows (all times ET / Eastern) —

Run 1: September 3 (US Labor Day, Monday) 3-9 pm – Lower cost, intensive | Storyteller: Tara M. Clapper as Maud Gonne


Run 2: September 9, 16, 23 (Sundays) 3-6 pm – Full cost, three sessions | Storyteller: Tara M. Clapper as Maud Gonne


Run 3: November 18 & 25 (Sundays) 2-6:30 pm – Full cost, two long sessions, intensive | Storyteller: Marshall Bradshaw


Run 4: November 6, 13, 20 (Tuesdays) 8-11 pm – Full cost, three sessions | Storyteller: Tara M. Clapper as Maud Gonne


You may wish to use a Time Zone Converter. Note: ET uses daylight savings time.

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