Rachel Rising – Secrets Kept, by writer and artist Terry Moore of Abstract Studio, is the sixth trade volume of the series. Issues #31 to #36 unfold the secrets Rachel has been searching for, unearthing family ties of generations past, all the while attempting to save the little town of Manson from catastrophic destruction.

“Of all things upon Earth that bleed and grow, a herb most bruised is woman.” –Euripides, Meadea
[Issue #33]

Synopsis (Some Spoilers)

CoverIn my previous review, I referred to some of the issues in Night Cometh as “the stuffers.” My predictions at this point in time— that the story would lead up to even more plot twists— were correct, and knowing that the series will soon be ending with Issue #42, I can see how Moore is gearing up to end the saga.

Secrets Kept resumes from Rachel’s self-induced coma after she strangles herself with rope she collected from the hardware store, the same type of rope her killer used on her. While asleep, she dreamt that five years in the future Zoe, then fifteen years old, would give birth to the Antichrist.

There are some deaths of characters that we do not initially meet, but their place within the world of Manson comes to some surprising and unsurprising conclusions, in terms of Rachel’s gift of seeing others’ “Streams of Life.” Rachel’s living Hell are others’ moments of victory when their pasts are revealed.

“Being against evil doesn’t make you good.” –Ernest Hemingway
[Issue #36]

Lilith has returned once again to contact Rachel to reveal the lives that she Comic Art 1has long-forgotten. Like family, Lilith and Rachel argue of past events, and how they shall join forces against the fallen angel, Malus. The key to Rachel’s success in meeting her killer face-to-face is on the path of righteousness, and we now know who the bastard is. But why? One of Lilith’s tricks, or something Rachel couldn’t offer him? Lilith admits that she did not stop the strangler, but what was their driving force?

Throughout Issue #32, Rachel’s monologue is spread over a series of panels. The way she talks about “Asha” or “Druj” (truth or lie) and how people sexualize murder. It was creepy but intriguing to listen to. Moore has never lost touch with keeping the horror and creepy factors throughout the series.

One of my favorite moments in Secrets Kept is when Rachel and Zoe bond for the first time. Zoe finally opens up to another person willingly, and acts as if she were a typical child living through emotional time of desperation. These last two trades show the ever-growing bond between Zoe and Rachel, and it’s one to be admired. Though Zoe has been driven away from men—in particular, Malus—she finds comfort in her role model as they both live and grow from what could be the end of Manson, furthermore the world.

On a lighter note, our one OTP between Jet and Earl commenced.

Issue #36The End is Near

The horror-filled Rachel Rising is coming to an end. Issue #42 is scheduled to come out on May 25th, 2016, from what seems like a long-time off only to creep up out of nowhere. It’s been a wonderful experience to follow the engaging twists and turns Moore has laid out for his readers. Until the final trade, some storylines that I hope will be resolved include Rachel’s final confrontation with her killer; Lilith and Zoe’s “final” standoff against Malus; Detective Corpell’s investigation; and Dr. Sieman disappears forever or at least, someone discovers how much of a sick pervert he is. Branching from that, Johnny will hope to discover why she has stitches behind her ear.

In addition, Moore made an announcement via Facebook that the series will be published as an omnibus. No date has been released.

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Publisher: Robyn Moore

All images used with permission of the publisher.
Full Disclosure: The reviewer received a copy of the comic for review.