a9e582542a5b92b18de56c50e388230c_xlIn the first issue of Green Valley: It All Began With One Mistake, “[t]he [K]nights of Kelodia are the finest in the land, but they’ve never faced a power like the one that resides in the Green Valley” [Source]. Once they defeat the barbarian warlord, they return to their humble village and dine with the king and citizens for a gracious feast.

Unfortunately, the small village is struck with horror as the barbarian and his horde for vengeance, murdering men, women, and children – but to us and Bertwald, the most painful death of all was Amaila, his fiance. 

In my previous review, I stated how there were some cliches. Did they clear up? Not completely. This issue of Then Came a Boy was a filler issue. Again, stupid cliffhangers that are leading up to the most fantasy-esque aspect of the story so far it’s worth the read!

To catch you up on this issue, we find the Knights of Kelodia a year later in their beloved, rumble village with no other survivors. Some of the men are holding on to the past and some are ready to move on. To help distract them at this convenient time in the story, a boy wanders into the village and requests their assistance in his home of Green Valley. The young boy claims that there are wizards and dragons terrorizing his homeland and that there is no one else who can help them, or at least want to. After much skepticism, the knights saddle up and follow the boy on horseback to the valley. The last page shows a glorious super-storm that will unleash a great power that we haven’t seen yet.

Issue #3Green Valley: The Wizard Revealed will be available on Wednesday, December 14th and Issue #4Green Valley: The Dragons will be available on Wednesday, January 11th.

To purchase a copy of this issue, check out Image Comics here.

Full Disclosure: The reviewer received a copy of the comic for review.

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