Comic Review: Glitterbomb #2

Glitterbomb Issue 2

Glitterbomb #2
Release Date: October 12, 2016
Story: Jim Zub
Art: Djibril Morissette-Phan
Coloring: K. Michael Russell
Letters: Marshall Dillon
Publisher: Image Comics
Review of Glitterbomb #1 can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: Some light spoilers included below.

Death, denial, and the darkness within. What’s got into Farrah?”

The second installation of the Glitterbomb series has proven fruitful and deftly built.

Glitterbomb continues to follow the trail of Farrah and Farrah’s (literal) murderous inner-monster. The second issue reveals minimal but fascinating details about her transformation while still leaving most answers curiously buried. The introduction of a new character, Dean, shows Farrah delving deeper into her own internal issues. She doesn’t understand what lies beneath her surface, but in her interaction with Dean, it’s also apparent that she does maintain some degree of control over her “beast.”

Using the vehicle of another character’s view, we also learn that Farrah’s underlying violence is likely the manifestation of continued anger and emptiness.  This helps give an additional perspective to the monstrous protagonist’s problems as she tries to muddle her way through the world of being an aging actress.

There was just enough uncovered in the second issue to guarantee a thicker story building, but without managing to uncover all of the shadows. This balance can be difficult especially in a second issue of a comic series, but I was impressed with the story building, especially with minimal use of the main character.

Morrisette-Phan’s artistic style is elegantly perfect for the edgy, choppy styles warranted and executed by this gore comic. What continues to impress me is the mood encompassed by Russell’s coloring, as well. The colors of the comic indicate a stereotypical life (vivid blues, greens, pinks) juxtaposed with Farrah’s moments of isolated violence (deep shades, sanguines, etc.) which highlights the underlying horror of the story.

*Advance review copy provided for review by the publisher, Image Comics.

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