Marvel continues publishing the latest relaxation trend: adult coloring books. With many franchises putting out coloring books for our favorite books and movies, it’s high time that Marvel releases more of these.

Following the widespread success of the recent Deadpool coloring book as well as DC’s Adult Coloring Book variant comic covers, the upcoming Marvel coloring books are bound to be a hit. Coordinating this new line of adult coloring books with recent comic events and upcoming movies should make them even more exciting and will give us yet another way to immerse ourselves in the Marvel universe and add our own special touch to our favorite characters.

Coming first in September is Marvel’s Women of Power coloring book. The only thing better than enjoying Marvel’s Women of Power variant covers and fantastic, strong female characters is being able to color them yourself!

Women of Power -

Get your green crayons ready for She-Hulk, and the rest of the box ready for the wide array of popular female characters throughout this great coloring book.

In October, we can look forward to Color Your Own Doctor Strange and Color You Own Star Wars! With the Doctor Strange movie releasing in November and the new Star Wars movie right around the corner, both of these out-of-this-world coloring books are perfectly timed!

Art from comics, variant covers, and the entirety of the Marvel universe awaits! You don’t need superpowers to bring these characters to life – just grab your crayons, markers, colored pencils, and glitter glue (for good measure) and get started!

Color Your Own Doctor Strange -

Remember to pre-order or ask about these Marvel adult coloring books at your local comic shop! Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the Marvel universe.