College of Wizardry Moves to U.S., Abandons Castle Dream

Earlier today, “College of Wizardry” broke crowdfunding records by raising $577,222 (1114%) of its goal. The popular European LARP intended to use the funds to run future events and purchase a castle. However, local sources in Fredericksburg, VA confirm that “College of Wizardry” Owner Claus Raasted has abandoned his plans to purchase said castle and will instead move into the cozy, comfortable world of the abandoned renaissance faire, discovered in 2013 by a drone craft.

This property’s value is estimated at a 7 million dollars, and is currently inhabited by bow hunters and bugs. Does this mean Raasted anticipates more funding? TGI sources in California say yes – and since that’s where all the venture capitalists (VCs) seem to live, we can only assume that a high-level investor has taken a sudden but inevitable interest in the property. LARPers predict a crossover LARP entitled “Wizards in the Cabin in the Woods.”

Interested LARPers can still vie for a spot in “Wizards in the Cabin in the Woods” here, by donating to the crowdfunding effort. (Seriously, no joke – go check it out and toss them some cash!)


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