Check it out! I went to the Philadelphia Comic Con to cover the convention as a freelancer for Yahoo! Contributor Network (YCN). My husband and I snapped some photos of Chris Hemsworth. I have to turn in some other articles and I’m on deadline, but I thought I would post this lovely photo for all of the adoring Thor fans out there.

Also, I should note that Chris hugged several fans and he was super sweet. He’s every bit as tall and muscular as he appears as Thor (and no, he didn’t take his shirt off, but you can still tell by the way his clothes fit).
It was a complete pleasure to attend this convention. The Hemsworth Q&A was informative and fun. I’ll post a link to my article about it as soon as it publishes. Until then, check out my YouTube channel for snippets of the Q&A.

Thanks to Chris and to Wizard World for such a great show!

Copyright Richard W.G. Clapper, 2012.
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