We all have our favorite anime shows and we all express love for them in different ways. Some viewers cosplay, decorate their stuff…other get tattoos! Check out these commemorative anime tattoos, expressing people’s love of anime!

Fairy Tail — Guild Symbol

Although this one’s permanent, you can get your own temporary Fairy Tail tattoo by TheCaffinatedRose on etsy!

Death Note — Ryuk

Kingdom Hearts

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Tattoo by Will Dixon. For additional badass Bleach tattoos, just out these from Tattoo Ideas!

Pikachu Cover-Up from Pokemon

Pokemon Cover UpIn 2015, this little cover-up tattoo took the internet by storm and followed up with an exclusive interview with the tattoo artist by Buzzfeed!


Marik’s Original:

The Adaption:

Sword Art Online — Asuna

Dragonball Z — Shenron

Sailor Moon

Personally, I’m not keen of quote or tattoos that contain writing – but this one has me jumping over the moon!

Fullmetal Alchemist — Blood Seal

Attack on Titan — Wings of Freedom

Such a beautiful work of art! The “Wings of Freedom” got an upgrade from a warrior symbol to an elegant piece of work.

Naruto Shippuden

I’d say many anime viewers are a fan of these balls (and this lil’ gadget)…

Featuring Dragonball ZPokemon, and Digimon!

Soul Eater — Sun and Moon


One Piece

Avatar: The Legend of Korra — The Elements

Hunter x Hunter

Code Geass — Symbol

Black Butler — Contract Symbol

Terror in Resonance — Von

Cowboy Bebop — Ship & Quote

Samurai Champloo — Mugen Tattoos

Fire Emblem — Mark of Grima

Evangelion — Rei, Asuka, & Mari – Anime tattoos

Eureka Seven

The Original:

The Adaptation: 

Fate/Zero — Command Seal

Do you have an anime tattoo? Did we miss your favorite show? Share with us!