September 7, 2014 Nicole W. 0

I walk silently through the woods Feeling the earthly soil beneath my feet My boots crunching on the fallen twigs as I glance around on […]

Magic Act

September 5, 2014 Nicole W. 0

Stand up there proud and tall As if you live your life free of flaws Having to never suffer, never cry You might think that […]

Watchful Eyes

September 1, 2014 Nicole W. 0

I stand staring down at the open grave. Watching you pour ash grey dirt by the shovelful Over the body of your most recent victim. […]

Nature’s Child

August 31, 2014 Nicole W. 0

Woods surround me blanketed by cries created by the animal world. Popping sounds in the distance revealing bull frogs hidden deep in the forest floor. […]

The Messenger

August 30, 2014 Nicole W. 0

I search for you in the morning skies. Waiting to hear your majestic call. As you soar through the air. A black speck on the […]

Shadow Dance

August 26, 2014 Nicole W. 0

I hear the siren’s song as I stand here in mock silence as my mind can’t help but try to figure out where this heavenly […]

Stone Vigilance

August 22, 2014 Nicole W. 0

Pools of blood form beneath my feet as I make my way past the broken tombstones Making my way towards lights and civilization Not knowing […]

The Dream

August 20, 2014 Nicole W. 0

Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped inside a glass cage Since I’m allowed to watch my life run by but am not allowed to do […]