Lauren shares with the Geek Initiative her favorite episodes of hit TV series Gilmore Girls.


Gilmore Girls, directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino, is a drama centering around the relationship between a thirty-something single mother and her teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The show aired from October of the year 2000 until May of 2007.

For fans waiting for a reunion, the cast is getting together for the upcoming 15th anniversary reunion panel at the ATX Television Festival in Texas this June. To hold you over until then, I have discussed some of my beloved episodes over the show’s seven seasons.

Gilmore Girls: My Favorite Moments

“””Spoilers below in case you have yet to watch the entire series*** Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot. Rory (Alexis Bledel) is accepted into the elite Chilton prep school. Bad news for Lorelai (Lauren Graham): she must make amends with her parents to borrow the money for Rory’s tuition. The money is available- with strings. The pilot offers the audience a simple way of viewing the character’s relationships with one another through strong dialogue and witty writing. Lorelai’s parents claim that Lorelai (Graham) and Rory (Bledel) must attend Friday night dinner each week as well as keep them involved with their lives, is that really such a high demand? The audience soon learns of the tense relationship Lorelai has with her mother Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) and her father Richard Gilmore (Yanic Truesdale) as they disapprove with her life choices. For me, the most delightful dynamic is the relationship between Lorelai (Graham) and Luke Daniels (Scott Patterson), the man who runs Luke’s diner and easily supplies Lorelai with banter and endless cups of coffee.

I love the small city charm of Stars Hallow seen as a close knit community where everyone knows one another. Yes, gossip can spread like wild fire, but when they need support for a worthy cause they band together like a family.

Season 3 Episode 7: They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? In the episode, it’s time for the annual Stars Hollow Dance marathon again and Lorelai (Graham) is determined to win. Dean (Jared Padalecki) sits in the bleachers to support Rory (Bledel), but so does Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) whose intentions aren’t quite so innocent.

It’s an interesting episode where it shows Lorelai (Graham) drinking way too much caffeine in hopes of having the energy to stay awake and steal the trophy from Kirk (Sean Gunn), who has won the dance marathon every year prior. It seems like Jess’s date was dragged along to tantalize Rory (Bledel) or possibly make her jealous, which seems to work in by her and Dean getting into a fight and breaking up. It’s interesting to watch that all the other citizens of Stars Hollow are falling asleep; toward the end of the competition, they’re more elated that the dance is over, rather than they are celebrating Kirk’s (Gunn) victory.

Season 4 Episode 2: The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale. Always willing to help, Luke (Patterson) lends his truck to Lorelai (Graham) to get Rory (Bledel) moved into her dorm despite how much trouble it turns out to be. Meanwhile, the Gilmore’s realize Rory (Bledel) is growing up, but Lorelai helps her ease into her new life.

Paris (Liza Weil) turns out to be one of Rory’s new roommates and not by accident. Luke (Patterson) has to deal with his pending divorce. This episode is sweet how Lorelai (Graham) goes out of her way to create a fun movie night/ sleepover to ease the transition of leaving home to live on campus at Yale. I was happy that they made Rory (Bledel) and Paris (Weil) roommates, as throughout the show they started at Chilton together as rivals and slowly become friends. Even though Luke (Patterson) is currently going through a divorce, he goes out of his way to aid Rory (Bledel) in moving into her dorm at Yale.

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