While the best bards make it look effortless, playing one at LARP takes a lot of out of game dedication and work. After all, you have to command the attention of an entire room of adventuring cats. It’s not easy, but fame, fortune, and the tears of your friends await those brave souls willing to put in the necessary effort to bard harder.

Read on for my illustrated guide to the bard life.

You’re always the stylish one:


Just because you’re regularly fighting for your life does not mean you can’t look good doing it, sheesh.

But sometimes you have to remind jerkfaces to back off:


I know I’m amazing, but you need to stop. Now.

Performing with your bard friends and nailing those harmonies:

high fiving a million angels

Everything, and I mean everything, is soooooooo dramatic:


You didn’t choose the Shatner life. The Shatner life chose you.

Your friends have gotten really good at doing this:

feels recovery

That or sensing when you’re about to sing a feelsy song and RUNNING AWAY.

It’s the worst feeling when another bard starts singing the song you’ve been rehearsing for weeks:



And no one is surprised if you burst into song and dance in public. Even if you’re out of game:

giselle spin

Well, except for the newcomers. But they learn quickly.

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Got any epic tales of your barding adventures? Let us know in the comments, and check out my other illustrated guide to playing a healer for even more laughs.