Arrow Season 3, Episode 17, “Suicidal Tendencies” Review

suicidal-tendencies-1000x600This was one of stronger episodes of Arrow this season. The pacing was good, the acting strong, the story fresh and crisp. The only down side was no Malcolm Merlyn as he’s obviously still recovering on Thea’s couch. My only gripe is that the quality of season three overall has been a let down. I feel like if The Flash has a strong episode; Arrow doesn’t that week and vica versa. I can’t think of the last time both shows were strong and impressive during the same week. Maybe the creative teams are being stretched too thin, which doesn’t bode well for a third show joining the mix.

The show starts off with Diggle’s wedding to Lyla. What could have been a disaster was averted and instead was a delight as Ray Palmer officiated the wedding at the last second. Brandon Routh, who plays Palmer, looked very good as he was funny and witty; totally in the zone as an actor. Not sure I love the pairing of Felicity with Palmer as she is becoming the token love interest for super powered guest stars, which takes away from her effectiveness as a brilliant computer geek who is instrumental in helping Oliver’s crusade.

Diggle and Lyla get called away on a mission for Task Force X on their wedding night in a foreign land. With them are Deadshot and Cupid. The flashback story deals with Deadshot’s homecoming as a soldier and we get to see what made him the man he is on the show. It’s sad really, and anyone who knows a wounded warrior feels his pain. Not to spoil the mission of Task Force X, but that part of the plot is very touching and more than a bit sad.

Meanwhile Arrow and Arsenal are trying to find the copycat killer and to make matters worse Palmer discovers Arrow’s identity and tries to go to the authorities. Laurel tries to throw interference and Palmer figures out that she’s the Canary. This puts Felicity in the middle as her loyalties seem to be torn. Arrow and Palmer as The Atom, which so far is a poor man’s Iron Man, have a brief fight and then agree to get along.

Captain Lance, who started the series as Arrow’s adversary, then his ally, and now again his adversary, continues his hunt for the Arrow. His character seems to change allegiances more than a WWE wrestler, and to be honest it’s getting stale. Yes, he’s hurt over Sara’s death, and for good reason. However to totally flip after all of the good The Arrow and he have done by working together is completely unrealistic. But, this is a show based off a comic book so I guess realism takes a total back seat to forced drama. I find it hard to believe that Captain Lance can’t tell a copycat under the orders of Ras al Ghul from the real Arrow, even an emotionally compromised Captain Lance.

Overall, I give this episode a 7. Solid, good acting, a bit predictable but for the most part the episode works.

A new episode of Arrow airs April 15th! 

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