Angel and Faith Season 10 Issue #12 Review

Angel and Faith Season 10 from Dark Horse Comics

Most people know Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this story arc is known for its crossovers with Angel. Faith was introduced in Buffy as a badass woman who was named as the slayer, just as Buffy was, and who is bitter about the issue, going as far as trying to kill Buffy. When Buffy tries to take Faith under her charge, Faith leaves and ends up in Magic Town, Angel’s home city. During Angel’s tenth season, magic had been released into the world, forging Angel’s sidekick Fred with a God named Illyria.  The comic focuses on a demon named Eldre Koh, who is seeking Illyria’s aide in getting revenge for being locked in a cell as a result of his entire town being murdered.

The artwork in Angel and Faith goes for a three-dimensional approach, trying to make the characters as realistic as possible, while the dialogue is close to the language and comedic tone that was used in the show. The one character that your attention is drawn towards is an unknown woman who has light blue runes on half of her body. These bright colors against a muddy background makes you look at her first in every panel. Only a fan who follows both Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have a clear understanding of the events unfolding on the pages.

As a knowledgeable fan, I found the comic sort of dry and drawn out. Like the show, the comic is only one part of a story arc and more comics need to be read afterwards in order to understand the story. I simply did not enjoy the entire comic merely being focused on the demon, knowing that the other characters have interesting backstories as well. There’s only one short fight scene in the bar and the majority is done as a flashback. This is common for the storyline of Angel, where most episodes were of the characters either talking of having flashbacks with only ten minutes of action, where Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the complete opposite, focusing more on action and fight seasons and gradually developing the character’s backstory.

Disclaimer notice: I received one digital copy of this issue for review purposes only.

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