An Ode To K-10

by Jason Galm

I lost my trusty K-10 crochet hook.

In the last month I have made 12 preemie hats to donate to the March of Dimes and a hat for TaraTheBard that was actually inspired by a couple of the preemie hats. Oh, Red Hat Soft Lilac with a Red Hat Soft Plummy for a subtle blink-and-you miss-it-transition. (Funny thing is I am straight AND I was watching “Top Gear” on Netflix while making it. Try to figure that one out.)

My Work Horse, My Friend.

Every knitter/crocheter is different. Some are looser and use smaller needles and hooks. Others like me use larger hooks because we are tighter and use the hook or needle keep from making one giant knot. My K-10 allowed my make hats quick in a double (sometimes even in a half). Each preemie hat took 45 to 50 mins and Tara’s hat took 4 or 5 hours. 14 hours in the last month. 10 hours short of a whole day.

The Fate of a Good Friend

On June twentieth, two thousand thirteen anno domini, I lost my trusty friend. It was in my back pocket like a comb or a switch blade, were I a greaser in a 1950s biker movie. Somewhere on the four block walk home, it fell out. I picture it somewhere cold and alone just wanting to make one more hat, or one more scarf. My little green Susan Bates bamboo handled hook will be missed. I salute its year and a half of service and hope the replacement will be as handy and trusty.

Jason Galm is a brilliant, clever, cross dresser who currently attends Rowan University and is working on an NP vs. P proof. He joined his campus fiber arts club Interwoven in the 2012 spring semester after having to drop a class.


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