Assembling the All-New, All-Different Avengers!

Who do you think completes the team image?

This week Marvel announced some of the key players for their new Avengers lineup amidst the Secret Wars shakeups.

To promote one of their titles coming to Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd, Marvel teased the cover with silhouettes of the new team lineup, revealing new members every few days.  So far, the all new Thor (identity yet unknown, though we do have some theories), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Nova, and Vision have been revealed in their places on the cover.

Who do you think completes the team image?
Who do you think completes the team image?

There appear to be three unknown silhouettes remaining, possibly of a spider hero in front (Miles Morales?), an iron suit to the left of the readers (Superior Iron Man?), and a hero with a large set of wings and a shield in the center (who must be none other than Captain America, Sam Wilson).  If so, this book will feature the big three (Thor, Iron Man, Captain America) in their new forms for the first time since their announcement.

No doubt Marvel will release their images soon in the days and weeks leading up to FCBD.  I, for one, cannot wait to see this team assemble, with new faces and young faces and heroes that have never teamed up before!

Be sure to stop in at your local participating comic store on May 2nd for Free Comic Book Day and pick up the first story of this new team!  Then add it to your pull for all-new Avengers action every month!

So, who else do you think will be on the team?  And who will take charge?

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