I’m a game designer, writer, editor, digital content manager, and forever geek living in Philadelphia, PA, USA. With a background in publishing, gaming, and marketing, I’ve served as a website specialist, blog editor, content writer, and senior editor of digital publications including The Geek Initiative and the SEMrush Blog. I’m also a developmental editor and have helped authors solidify and polish sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and suspense manuscripts.

Whether I’m talking about marketing data or the latest comic book movie, story is life.

About Me

I’m passionate about:

  • Entertainment: movies, TV, graphic novels, comic books, celebrities, theater, LARP (live action role play), and more
  • Digital marketing, SEO content writing, and social media marketing
  • #WomenInTech and women in geek culture

I enjoy interviewing talented individuals for podcasts and live chats and have appeared on various podcasts, panels, and webinar channels as speaker about digital marketing and geek culture.

I’ve interviewed celebrities including James McCartney, Paige Davis, Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), and many more. However, my favorite interview opportunities involve innovators in geek culture and digital marketing.

As an editor, I love spotting trends and bringing them to light. It’s the cornerstone of my purpose.

Get the details about my previous experience on LinkedIn or my portfolio site.



Conventions, Marketing Events, Speaking Engagements

as panelist

  • Gen Con 2017: How to Create and Grow a Geeky Blog, Personal Branding Tips for Geeks, How to Write a Salon LARP, 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Geek Webmasters and Bloggers
  • Metatopia 2016: Chronic Illness and Accessibility in LARPs, Live LARP Website Review
  • Wizard World Philly 2016: The Big Two on the Big Screen: Do DC and Marvel Do Enough? (As Senior Editor of The Geek Initiative, I also organized two other panels for Wizard World Philly which were led by TGI staff and friends.)
  • Camden Comic Con 2015: The Geek Initiative Presents ‘Exploring the Online Experiences of Women in the Geek Culture’
  • KotoriCon 2012: LARP Panel

as guest

  • Express Writers Podcast: Life, LARPing, and Branding [Podcast]
  • Brandanew Podcast: What Does it Take to Create a Remarkable Industry Blog? [Podcast]
  • Brand24 Podcast: The Power of Storytelling with Tara M. Clapper [Podcast]
  • CoSchedule Pocast: How to Improve Your Editorial Strategy with Tara Clapper of SEMrush [Podcast]
  • #VCBuzz: How to Create Content Marketing Interviews [Recap]
  • #BizapaloozaChat: Writing for Diversity: How to Attract and Connect with a Diverse Audience [Recap]
  • #TwitterSmarter Chat: How to Integrate Twitter into Your Marketing Plan [Recap]
  • Digital Event: Writer Access Webinar: How to Create Blog Posts Your Readers Really Want
  • Digital Event: ExpressWriters: Content Writing Chat, 2016, (#contentwritingchat)
  • AdHawk: Building Relationships to Catapult Your Content Marketing Strategy [Podcast]
  • SEMrush Webinar: Guest Blogging Tips Striaght From an Editor, 2016
  • SEMrush Webinar: DC vs. Marvel: Social Media Analysis Showdown, 2016
  •  Twitter Smarter: Twitter Smarter Chat, 2016 (#twittersmarter)
  • Scott’s Marketplace: Twitter Chat, 2015, (#scottsbizchat)
  • CoSchedule: Twitter Chat, 2015, (#cochat)

as press

  • Gen Con 2016, Representing The Geek Initiative
  • Collision, 2016, Representing SEMrush Blog
  • New York Comic Con, 2013, 2014, 2015, Representing The Geek Initiative
  • Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, 2012, 2015, Representing The Geek Initiative
  • Dreamation, 2015, Representing The Geek Initiative
  • Philadelphia International Auto Show, 2012, Freelancing for Yahoo! Contributor Network
  • KotoriCon, 2011, 2012, 2014, Freelancing for Yahoo! Contributor Network; Representing The Geek Initiative

as a marketer

Additionally, I’ve also represented  Express Writers and SEMrush at dozens of digital marketing events, including:

  • adtech
  • Conductor
  • Digital Footprint
  • SEJ Summit


Quotes | Solicitations

LARP and theatre


LARP (live action role play) and theatre are central to my solid storytelling skills. Here’s what I’ve done recently in those avenues:

LARP design and production

I’ve always been immersed in fiction and the art of storytelling. As a reader, writer, editor, and marketer, the most natural way for me to understand and be understood is through story. My own story involves living at the intersection of marketing and geek culture.

My favorite past time is LARP, or live action role play.

LARP means many things to many people throughout the world; in some contexts, it’s a competitive, points-based game. In others, it’s an art form. Sometimes it’s both.

It’s always a collaborative story, and that’s where it will forever capture my interest. LARP lets you develop and execute stories by assuming a role. I use LARP as a means of entertainment, but it’s also a wonderful path to self-discovery and relationship building. Through interactions in and out of game, I’ve discovered strong networking connections and I’ve developed my own leadership and public speaking skills.

I even host LARP Chat Live (see the video here).

You can learn more about my extensive LARP resume here.

Theatrical work

I’ve served in multiple roles in The Mill Race Theatrical Co. (TMRTCo) from 2011-2016. Based in Mt. Holly, NJ, TMRTCo creates and produces nontraditional independent work.

  • The Poe Project (2016): Crowdfunding Campaign Manager, Playwright (co-written with Tom Greenfield), Blogger, Outbound Public Relations Manager, Voice Actor (recorded). An exploration of Edgar Allan Poe presented through shadow puppetry, video, and live performance.
  • Victorian Seance Demonstration (2014-2015): Actor (as ‘Mrs. Smith’). A demonstration of a Victorian seance, revealing many tricks and chicanery. Presented on historical site.
  • Mount Holly Zombie Crawl (2014): Social Media Manager. A town-wide zombie event encouraging audience participation through use of voluntary makeup and Twitter hashtags.
  • Miss Lilly’s Seance Parlor (2011-2014): Crew, Social Media Manager, Voice Actor (recorded). An intimate, limited-seating interactive theatrical experience through which the audience uncovers a dark story in an abandoned home.