The child in me is super hype for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. I was one of the last of my friends to watch the trailer, so at first I had no idea what the internet was freaking out about. What the heck is a Switch? Where is my NX info? Watching the trailer, I realized that Nintendo had switched the name of the upcoming addition to its console family, and that this baby was going to be hella rad. The teased look at the newest Zelda game and maybe even Splatoon 2 had me ready to go to pre-order already.

Plus, being able to play what almost positively looked like Skyrim while on the bus or during car rides would amazing. Then I realized I am a grown woman and a mother, which means I can’t willy nilly buy an expensive new piece of tech. Also as a mother, I don’t usually control the devices during car rides…

As the gears in my head switched to mommy mode, I realized a lot of the details that the trailer left out to make it worth it to get as a family console. Nintendo has always been the family friendly go-to when it comes to gaming, so how can I make sure my little man would care at all?

This will be the console he practices reading with or beats his first platformer, so it certainly matters if he can even use it. Looking at the games he plays on the Wii presently, he would have to step up his game to take advantage of a new Mario game. With no idea whether these Joy-Con controllers that attach to the tablet will have motion capabilities, if there will be a touch screen for gameplay, or most importantly if the battery life will last through the whole dang grocery store or not, it’s hard to know whether it’s worth it as of yet.

When my son is playing Sesame Street Counting Carnival from the original Wii still, it’s hard to use him as a motivation to upgrade. But who am I kidding?

The GameStop manager is calling us when pre-orders go live to take payment.

Parents: Are you going to get the Nintendo Switch for your family? Let us know in the comments!