My culture cannot be summed up
in a pair of glasses
and suspenders
the plastic in your pocket
would have never protected my heart
from the stains the world
would carelessly leave on my
pristine button down shirt
My culture is not entirely found in
that Lord of the Rings movie
you partially fell asleep through
or that episode of Clone Wars
with the funky blue chick with the head tails
Or that huge expensive ren faire you went to
my existence
is more than a pastime
It’s in the hours spent thinking about
what time period my costume is actually from
it’s furious google searching
at my second job
that pays for
my peace of mind
once a month
It’s Home Depot and Walmart trips
it’s being known by name
at Joann Fabrics
and being missed when you weren’t there
My culture is wrapped up in youtube tutorials
musty old library books
emails to your professor about books about costume design
late night sewing, with Xena in the background
who knows how many drafts of a back story
its real life tears
over imaginary prayers
and dedication
it’s the rush to do something with your life
after you’ve stopped pretending to be someone else for a few days
being unafraid to love something whole heartedly
or someone
It’s midnight releases
that are more than just waiting in line
but reunion
of family you never knew you had
it’s bliss, in tea and cartoons
that reflect truths about your life
that real life people
that have known you since birth
can sometimes miss
its seeing the magic in making it
the miracle of having it
the blessing to share it
it’s a shared social anxiety
even with other people in your culture
it’s being a misfit
among the misfits
It is not tape that holds us together
making our vision of the world
but the love in our hearts
how furiously it pumps us
to do amazing things,
and be amazing to each other
well some of us
I will not pretend my social grouping
exists in this pristine bubble
without fault or flaw
But I will say
at our best, we can be better than most
and more thankful for all
in our mildly tortured understanding
and our deep capacity to feel
to be aware
our terrible jokes
our uplifting hopes
our laughter
The proof is in the 3d printed pudding
and is seen
in ever fiber and stitch
of the flag that waves
So if all you see
is glasses
pocket protectors
social awkwardness
space age tv
and fantasy costumes
You maybe missing the point
and should probably go ask some questions
even fantasy footbal players
can be geeks
because passion and excitement
can’t be faked
We as a community
embrace it
we celebrate it
and we celebrate each other.