Now I know what I’ve been missing. For some reason, I thought “30 Rock” was a reference to drugs, and not an address in New York City. Well, crap. I should have been watching this show all along. Over the last week, I’ve managed to watch the first 32 episodes, and I’m thrilled by the number of snarky geek (and general culture) references ever-present in the show.

This show could have helped me cope with the unavoidable omnipresence of the Bush Administration!

I’m also not going to lie about my budding crush on Jack Donaghy (played by Alec Baldwin). He has that Sue Sylvester-esque personality…one minute he does something only a jerk would do, and the next minute he’s rather admirable and borderline honorable.

And while I feel like a perv geek girl for having a thing for Chris Hemsworth (he’s 28, I’m 30), it seems that it’s acceptable for women of all ages to appreciate Alec Baldwin. I have to admit, he’s hotter than Harrison Ford (but NOT necessarily hotter than Indiana Jones…it’s the hat).

Donaghy is so awesome, I can almost forgive him for being Republican.

I was glad to see Baldwin on the People’s 2011 Sexist Man Alive list. But really? He was listed after Bradley Cooper, a fellow Germantown Academy alum. I’m not saying Bradley’s an ugly dude, but how can he compete?

Anyway, back to Netflix for the Donaghy fix…

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