Your Silly Standards: A Message to Geek Guys


If I spell it out in game format, will it make sense? Photo: Anna Cervova,
When it comes to dating, everyone should have standards–but what is it with some geek guys?
I’m talking about the guys who spend more time watching Lara Croft, Warcraft elves, and Megan Fox than they do interacting with actual females.
I get that gaming is addictive, but it’s crazy to frequently observe the average to severely overweight geek guy overlook a real-life woman–especially when she’s way out of their league.
This can happen because:
1) The woman who’s showing interest is a geek, but many geek guys are paranoid about their (adorable, interesting, engrossing) geeky hobbies and try to ‘mainstream’ and date non-geeky females. Why so, geeky fellows? There’s no better way to make a match or even a friend than to share their interests.
Don’t you remember Zoe (Kristen Bell) in Fanboys? Why is it that the cute geek girl is constantly looked over because she isn’t Princess Leia?
2) Dreaming the impossible dream. Yep. Princess Leia slave outfit. Most geek guys have that dream, and most geek girls understand that and expect geek guys to understand their own fantasies about Han Solo, Mal Reynolds or Commander Riker (season two, pre-beard).

That said, slave outfit Princess Leia is a worthy object of admiration, but you’re not going to get her. Some guys focus on her so much that they overlook the Princess Leia cosplayer completely willing to take her hobby into other realms.
3) The online ideal. In this instance, the geek male will fall ‘in love’ with an online gaming personality, whether she’s internationally popular or just someone with whom the fellow has made a connection. There’s nothing wrong with this if you’re willing and able to pursue it, but sometimes the online personalities don’t match up so well in person.
I’ve seen some geek guys refuse the advances of models and really cute geek chicks due to hopeless infatuations.
It’s worth noting that female geeks have this problem, too. It’s probably no coincidence that I happen to like tall men with dark hair and piercing blue eyes (Commander Riker/Leonidas, please). That said, it’s completely possible for me to take that ideal and transpose it onto an otherwise normal-looking geeky guy.
Why don’t I see the same transposition when geeky guys are looking at geeky girls?
I don’t think it’s entirely the fault of the guys. After all, Megan Fox’s Transformers character wasn’t exactly complex or anything, whereas Commander Riker had seven seasons of leadership and lusty experiences to think about–in an intellectual way, of course.
I see the way Riker relies on nontraditional tactics to solve combat scenarios–and that’s hot. But is there that much depth to Megan Fox? Likely not–unless you’re looking at her cleavage.

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