Book Review: The Sun’s Coming Up… Like A Big Bald Head by Norman Reedus

When people hear the name Norman Reedus they usually think one of two things: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, or Murphy MacManus from The Boondock Saints. However, Reedus is multi-talented – he’s also a cinematographer, filmmaker, and photographer.

All of the men want to be him and all of the women want to be with him – and yet when he’s faced with those adoring fans he instead acts like he is your biggest fan, accepting every hug like it’s the only one he’s received. He does it with such grace that instead of a huge star he feels open, like an old friend.

Reedus disarms you before you even know it. And yet, people really don’t know him. He’s private and stays out of the media. He does his own thing and as you can see on his Twitter, he enjoys it. Reedus is by far one of the most confounding yet exciting people I have ever met.

That is how I feel after looking over the photos that will be included The Sun’s Coming Up… Like A Big Bald Head, the book he is releasing in late October.

The title itself sets the stage. Who would look at a sunrise and describe it as a big bald head? Once you comprehend that beautiful image and begin to look at it as something more, the rest of the book opens up as a whole new experience. The pictures do not seem forced as the strong, sometimes disturbing or frightful images are laid out in front of you.

Those very pictures capture your attention, open your eyes, and invite you to delve even further into how those things can than become beautiful and full of meaning.

Sometimes viewing other works of art are hard to understand and difficult to enjoy; each picture is as if there is some unspoken secret between the photographer and the image, that only they know the true story of what is supposed to be portrayed. But Reedus has a talent where he once again has you feeling comfortable and excited to examine each piece closely, as if he is right there with you for the journey sharing his secrets, never judging you if it takes you a little longer to understand.

Each picture is a new story to uncover and every piece of the image offering clues as to what Reedus wants us to see. As you discover each clue instead of becoming bored you fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

Thinking we all know Reedus as we do with most public figures, you will be surprised to see this darker artistic side of him. He doesn’t hold back or make excuses for the stories he lets us in on. Images from all over the world are presented in a way that offers us a chance to see things differently and enjoy the true beauty in his art.

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