The Messenger

I search for you

in the morning skies.

Waiting to hear

your majestic call.

As you soar through the air.

A black speck

on the morning sun.


I wait for you to come to me,

My messenger of doom

as I hold my hand

out to you like a beacon,

So you don’t lose your way

in the spirit world.


What knowledge

of the old ways

do you wish to share

with me tonight?

What ancient magic

do I have still to learn?

Or have you come

to warn me

my old friend?

Have you finally

left your tower

to mark the hour

of mortal’s doom?


To tell me

that the crack of doom

is upon us?

And that you are here

to guide my soul

to the afterlife?

If so then come and let us enjoy

one more party together

Before our existence is squandered

like annoying vultures

circling around a fresh carcass.

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