The Geek Initiative Launches Female Friendly Comic Book Shop List

“I am no man.”

Comic book shop owners and employees must understand the basics of business: the female demographic is growing among comic book readership. With digital subscription access now so easy, it’s vital to a comic book store’s survival to lure customers into the shop – especially if they sell other products such as CCGs, RPGs, movies, action figures, and apparel.

Not only do women represent a growing interest in comic books and their movie universes, we also patronize comic book shops for gifts for our male and female relatives – spouses, partners, siblings, parents, and children. We want to support small businesses, but too many unfriendly experiences in stores run with a lack of professionalism will make any customer hesitant to revisit that type of store.

I took some time and space to complain about my negative experience in a local comic book store, but I wanted to do something positive instead. I asked my friends and family to recommend comic book stores that are friendly to women.

I’ve started compiling a list here: Female Friendly Comic Book Shops

Instructions to add your business (or your favorite store) are included on the page. Thank you to those who helped me. I look forward to adding more businesses soon.

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