Stone Vigilance

Pools of blood form beneath my feet

as I make my way past the broken tombstones

Making my way towards lights and civilization

Not knowing that the blood belonged to me


As I stumble from my resting place

as I walk broken and bleeding

surrounded by bitter silence

Not knowing how I came to this place

Or what these cold silent stone watchers now think of me


Until I stumble and fall

in front of an angel craved out of stone

As I stare up at her cold face wondering

how much has she seen?


How many women have fallen before her

as they try to cover up their shame?

Or does she know what it’s like

to be used against her will


Was she one of the brave ones

who was killed because they fought back

against their attacker?

Or did she sit there

Allowing them to do

what they wanted with her

until they made the pain go away


Until her loved ones

were forced to entomb her in this desolated place?

Feeling a sense of comfort

I move to sit under the angel’s protection


too exhausted to try and continue on with my journey

Thinking that in the morning

I would continue my search for aid

But for that night

I would be watched over by my stone sisters

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