Shadow Dance

I hear the siren’s song

as I stand here in mock silence

as my mind can’t help but try to figure out

where this heavenly song is coming from

Is it coming from the air

as its touch gently plays with my hair

Or is it the sky as the stars dance

on their black stage in merely enjoyment

As they listen to a song

that is forever played by Mother Nature


As the moon acts like a spotlight

shining down on its graceful dancers

I can not help but stare in wonder

as I stand here hidden by the shadows


As though I’m waiting until it is my turn

to dance upon the moon-clad stage

But what light would want to fall upon me

A monster born from darkness

That tries to grasp

why people love the light

And why they fear my creator


Yet I’m still standing here waiting for my turn

Hoping that I can cut into the celestial dance and join in

So that I may know what it’s like

To be touched by the moons glittering light

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