Poetry: The Queen of Molten Fire

The Queen of Molten Fire
The Queen of Molten Fire
The Queen of Molten Fire
The Queen of Molten Fire

All I can hear is cold cynical laughter

To the backdrop of sheer agony

Anguish for the liquid hell that surrounds them

Slowly burning away their flesh

Leaving puddles of molten blood and bones


Is there anyway to escape the madness

With the soft symphony of mocking cackles

With each passing second the laugh becomes louder

As the bubbling brook seems to part

Revealing a woman clad all in red
as the burning lava licking her flesh
standing serene with her head bowed
Is she the cause of all the deaths and chaos?

Did she summon this river from hell upon us all?

Or did she do it just to watch in delight
at seeing others writhe in pain?


Or could she possibly be a demon sent to earth from hell

A faithful servant to the devil himself
carrying out his darkest desires

Ending humanity to create a new world

for him and his minions to rule over
The bodies continue to burn

Drenching the earth’s soil with blood
yet the woman bends
cupping the liquid fire to her lips
relishing to see her work carried out

knowing that she has pleased her master

Coating the once rural plains in ash and blood


Hoping that soon once the world will ceased to an end

And the race of humans had long ceased to exist

Than there will be nothing to stop her master

From rising to the surface to claim his new land to rein supreme

For his faithful servant had summoned a river from hell

A liquid magma hotter than the flames of hell itself to run freely

Burning away any obstacles that stood in its wake

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About Lauren W. 15 Articles
Hello, my name is Lauren. I try to be a pretty optimistic person and believe that a person should be viewed by their actions and how they treat others instead of their appearance or interests. I try to follow this belief because being blind/visually impaired makes it easy to be depressed, or focus on negative thoughts thinking I can’t do something. I never really considered myself as a “nerd” but have always been passionate about video games and musicals. Cartoons/ anime, and comics I also like. Music, writing, and coffee keeps me going so there’s a hint as to how to bribe me. I love a wide range of genres of music but mostly show tunes, top 40, rock, and pop are what I listen to the most. I have a high respect for those that can make their own cosplay costumes, and I love dressing up and attending conventions.

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