Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

How can you sit there staring at me?
Acting as though the darkness
Inside and all around me doesn’t bother you –
For I am a fallen angel
Suffocating from darkness
And its cold torturous grasp that it has
On those that are like me

Its cold clammy fingers clenched
Tightly around my heart and soul
Never again to be comforted
By the light even though I was never
Comforted by it before

For I can’t even see the light anymore
It has seemingly faded away
Transparent compared to the darkness
As it affects me more each day

But I wonder can one person
Truly see into another’s soul
Simply by staring into their eyes.
I wonder if this is possible
As you stare into my eyes
I can feel the light shining through yours
As your icy blue eyes pierce through mine

And the truth finally comes to me
The simple blinding truth behind it all
For not only can I feel you staring
Into my eyes but also into my soul
And what’s truly locked inside

Though it doesn’t matter, it’s not like
Anyone could free me even if they tried
So good luck, for there is only darkness
Left trapped inside my eyes, my heart,
And what is left of my soul

So how can you free a fallen angel?
Whose heart is only made up of darkness?
Without losing your light
And becoming one of us as well

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