Poetry: Elemental Goddess

Elemental Goddess
Elemental Goddess
Elemental Goddess
Elemental Goddess

As wisps of smoke wrap around my wrists

Dancing flames makes me smile with bliss

As screams of pain reach my ears

I smile as though I barely care

I am the creator of the night

And the ruler of spite, I hate, I fight


I stare and watch as tendrils of mist

Seem to dance a mystical dance around me

Giving me the power to repay those that harm me

For I am the mother, the queen of all that’s real

In trails we all must face, I cure, I heal

As strands of electricity cackle in my hair

I watch as those below me run in fear

An evil laughter is all that you hear

Before disrupting the temporary peace you once shared


For I am a child of the gods, I die, but am than reborn

For the elements that make up the world is a part of me

As I call upon them now to aide me

To rid the world of all it’s sinful creatures

Earth, fire, water, air, light and darkness

These elements help make me strong

For I am the elemental goddess

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About Lauren W. 15 Articles
Hello, my name is Lauren. I try to be a pretty optimistic person and believe that a person should be viewed by their actions and how they treat others instead of their appearance or interests. I try to follow this belief because being blind/visually impaired makes it easy to be depressed, or focus on negative thoughts thinking I can’t do something. I never really considered myself as a “nerd” but have always been passionate about video games and musicals. Cartoons/ anime, and comics I also like. Music, writing, and coffee keeps me going so there’s a hint as to how to bribe me. I love a wide range of genres of music but mostly show tunes, top 40, rock, and pop are what I listen to the most. I have a high respect for those that can make their own cosplay costumes, and I love dressing up and attending conventions.

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