Ever meet your celebrity crush? Yep. I have.

Don't worry. It wasn't this creepy.

Don’t worry. It wasn’t this creepy.

“Just remember, he’s an actor. Not his character.” Those were the words of advice offered to me by my husband before he headed off to work and I headed off to cover a Star Trek Creation Convention.

Being there as press, I felt a little silly purchasing a photo op with Jonathan Frakes, but in case I didn’t get to speak with him, it would be ridiculous to pass up such an opportunity.


Now listen up.

Turns out I did get to have a conversation with him – and though the press agreement prevents me from saying more about it, PLEASE believe me when I tell you there’s no one worthier to direct the next Trek installment. As a director and actor, Frakes really understands the spirit of Star Trek. He’s comfortable living in the legacy and his own personality really shines through in his portrayal of Will Riker – more than the other way around.


He’s great at directing others. See?


It’s time to #BringInRiker. In an executive editorial decision, I am proud to announce that The Geek Initiative officially supports Jonathan Frakes as the best candidate to direct the next Star Trek feature.

Executive editorial decision. Deal with it.

Executive editorial decision. Deal with it.

Aside from being a genuinely awesome human being, Frakes also flawlessly directed the best Star Trek movie (Star Trek: First Contact) and this amazing episode of Castle, which contains more fan service than any geek could possibly imagine. (It’s Nathan Fillion. And Jonathan Frakes. And Marvel stuff everywhere. I may have watched it 10+ times because it’s THAT worthy.)

These aren’t just the notions of a ‘Number One’ fangirl – it’s a real movement. Check out #BringInRiker over on Twitter and Facebook and ‘Make It So!’

Here are some humorous bonuses for fellow Frakes fans:

Because… “We don’t want a kid like Urkel.” Plus, I mean, the actors ship it, too.

But I digress. Just enjoy and remember to speak up online: #BringInRiker —


(All gifs come from this page!)

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