Magic Act

Stand up there proud and tall
As if you live your life free of flaws
Having to never suffer, never cry
You might think that you’re even a god
But oh how stupid you really are
To think that everyone would believe your lies
You think you can fool the world
Like you’re a magician putting on a show
But I already know all your silly tricks
So why don’t you just take a bow and go
For if you stay I will show you a real magic trick
Making your darkness fears come to life
And there is no trap door, no escape
So who is the better illusionist?
You an old man who cons people out of money
Or me a young witch who pretends that my magic isn’t real?

Who would win in this illusionary game of cat and mouse?
Will you take the bait and call me up on stage
To take part in this con you call an act
Or will you flee knowing that you will never win?

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