Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors

In the recent release of Shigeru Miyamoto franchise “The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors,” there is a playable character of Link as a female rendition. Many gamers were surprised by this fact, yet they forget that this isn’t the first time the idea of gender was questioned through a game.

In the “Metroid” series, many presumed that Samus was a male character; until the helmet was removed to reveal Aran, a warrior of an alien race. This proved that Samus was a female character after all.

I think it’s a wonderful idea that game developers are trying to please more gamers by bridging the gap of gender roles among characters. I personally enjoy the idea of a female version of Link despite its closer resemblance to Zelda.

Was this the developers’ idea of allowing players a chance to play more characters similar to Princess Zelda, whereas before they had Sheik? Were they really trying to offer a way for other franchises to change how they choose what ratio of male and female characters to place in a game?

In my opinion, less game developers wanted to focus the game’s protagonist as a strong female role in fear that male gamers won’t be drawn to play it. Now female gamers are taken more seriously in the gaming community, hence being represented more in games.

What are your thoughts on the female Link?

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