LARP: Confidence and Empowerment

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LARPing (live action role playing) allows participants to explore the presentation or absence of many attributes, including confidence. In any social or martial setting, confidence is key to a character establishing or maintaining his or her position or social standing, or even surviving. These concepts are key to the interest and flow of most LARPs despite style or genre.

In real life, we’re not always conscious of our nonverbal cues and body languageLARP presents us with the chance to take a deeper look at how we present our characters – and ourselves.

Weak Body Language

My examples of weak body language often negatively affect my LARP character, even when I don’t mean for them to. Specifically, neck-touching (I have a real life injury easily aggravated with physical activity) and poor posture (also due to injuries). Additionally, being physically smaller than many others isn’t exactly something myself or my character can change. Read more at

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