There are still haters in the world—and if you’re one of them, this message is for you.
Geeks slice your lunchmeat at the grocery store, sell you video games and write the articles you read in the news.
We blog professionally and game excessively. The average looking girl wearing jeans at the mall heading out of Hot Topic is a cosplay model appearing online and at conventions.
We come in all shapes and sizes—from the stereotypical 30 year-old basement-dweller to the disaffected teen asking you if you want fries with that. We’ve joined the circus, manage restaurants and work at government agencies.

Geeks infiltrate schools, too—think beyond the chess club. The designer that does the football team’s layout in the yearbook is likely one of those artsy geek types. The class know-it-all is tolerable now, thanks to the awesomeness of Hermione Granger—and in a few years, she’ll be a reigning Jeopardy champion. (Eat your heart out, computer Watson!)
Fifteen years ago, I remember sitting in the library with a bunch of other nerds in my high school’s Internet Club. Students occasionally used AOL—and they warmed up to the internet and studied European languages while I was speaking HTML. While I’m hardly the WWW mogul (as predicted in our senior yearbook), my personal careerwould hardly be possible without the web.
I’ve also noticed oh-so-many individuals evolve over the years—perhaps to survive. Jock to geek, geek to jock. Despite the crossover of interests (made more noticeable by social media sites like Facebook), there are still some haters.
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