Food for Geeks: Yoda Cake and Unicorn Poop Cookies

Get thee to a kitchen! A geek mandate.
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Geek birthday parties rock! I’m pretty jazzed about hosting a geek theme birthday party for my friend next month. I started looking around online for some awesome geeky foods beyond the standard Star Wars cookbook and I found a few challenging options.

Geeky Drinks
As much as I’d love some coffee roasted by Stormtroopers, I don’t want to limit the geekiness to one fandom.

Star Trek is also full of awesome when it comes to beverages. People also drink synthehol on The Next Generation, which makes parties with non-drinkers and underage guests feel more inclusive. Now, who can figure out how to make that Samarian sunset?

Another classic is mudder’s milk, a substance featured on Firefly. It’s alcoholic, inexpensive, and nourishing–and it’s really  not supposed to taste good. If you’re not sure about tasting it, just remember: it contains Guinness, so it’s gotta be worth a go.

Star Wars Burgers

Main courses are often the most difficult when it comes to cooking geek. I really love recipes that take simple foods and make them themed, like these awesome burgers which look like Jawas and Wookiees. If we lived in France, I could just head over to the local fast food joint to grab some Jedi burgers, but for now, homemade will have to do.
Dessert Options
I lack the artistic skill to make a sweet looking Yoda head cake, and I’m thinking about heading to another geek favorite for dessert ideas: unicorns.

I’ve always liked unicorns, but started finding them exceptionally awesome after Brittany adopted them as a mascot on Glee. After all, unicorns are pretty and special, but sometimes the other horses aren’t interested in them because they’re different. Talk about a geek / gleek mascot!

Enter unicorn poop cookies. A friend posted this on my Facebook wall, and ever since, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to make them. If I freak out because they’re intimidating (I mean, look at all that glitter), I may instead make some rainbow pinwheel sugar cookies. But can you really live without edible glitter? I’m not sure I can.

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