At least I can still play
Bejweled Blitz…

I’ve had enough with technology. Apple: You really can’t charge a premium for your iPhone 4s and then take the Apple Siri server down. What have I learned today? Technology is not always reliable.

I’ve learned this over a series of weeks, actually. I feel like every piece of technology I touch dies! Thank goodness my car is still functioning–but my desktop computer, mini laptop…they suffered horrible fates. When my phone freaks out, I become paranoid. Did I break Siri?

All I know is that I’ve had enough with technology. I’m exasperated. However, I can’t exactly write an article by hand and send it over to my editors. Everyone uses electronic submission processes now (thankfully, because my handwriting is atrocious and I can type faster than I can write by hand). My point is this: I can’t survive in contemporary society without technology, especially not with my job, which requires being plugged in to write about the latest news and submit articles electronically.

What do you do when you’re exasperated with technology? I thought I should stop working for an hour and head onto a video game, but…well, that also involves technology.

Thank goodness I kept some of those good old-fashioned things around. What are they called? Oh yeah. Books!

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