Anne of Green Gables
by LM Montgomery.

Hey! It’s the third Sweet on Geek post in the A-to-Z Blogging challenge. One of my favorite topics starts with C: Characters.

Everyone gets attached to characters in movies, TV shows, and books. Many geeks feel especially attached to certain characters. For me, characters tend to fall into two categories: those I like (as in ZOMGfangirlcrush!) and those I want to be like.

The first time I really had a ‘favorite character’ was when I read and watched “Anne of Green Gables.” Anne really changed my life. I admired her because she challenged all sorts of boundaries set by her society. She’s different from others because of her red-headed appearance. Anne’s also a writer who managed to balance maintaining a family and relationship as well as a career.

Apart from Anne Shirley, other admirable characters include:
Eowyn from “Lord of the Rings”
Shannon Christie from “Far and Away”
Xena from “Xena Warrior Princess”
Counselor Troi from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Fangirl crush characters:
The Phantom from “Phantom of the Opera”
Aragorn from “Lord of the Rings”
Michael Collins (also a historical figure) from “Michael Collins”
Commander Riker from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

What have I done with all of these influences? I’ve done what many geeks, writers, and role players do: I’ve made my own characters.

Who are your favorite characters?

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