Buffy S10 #13 Review

Dark Horse just released their comic Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Season 10 Issue #13.

The comic Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes place after Spike and Buffy become a couple. This was due to Spike leaving for a year until he was able to gain back his soul. Before this, he was seen as a bloodthirsty killer that got his kicks by leaving his victims as presents for Buffy to discover. In the show they were only together for the final season before Sunnydale was destroyed. As Spike sacrifices himself to save Buffy, however, it’s clear that the comics go in a different direction.

Not only does the majority of the comic focus on Spike, but it also introduces two new characters. In the comic, two vampire victims are discovered and Buffy is asked to take a look. Spike fears that, due to a dream, he may have been the cause of their demise and goes to Xaiver for help who turns him over to Willow and Giles.

During painful experiments done by the pair, Spike is proven innocent while the readers are given a small glance at the new-breed vampires running amuck in town. There is also a scene with Andrews and Aluwyn both connected to the original gang, as a friend and Willow’s lover.

The graphics of the comic are in the same style of the comics in the Angel series, where they try to get the characters to appear as human as possible. The writers, despite making the storyline go away from the that of the show, still make it appealing to the readers. Despite the new arc, I still enjoyed the story as Spike is one of my favorite Buffy characters. It was nice to have a comic focus on him while still having a scene of Buffy doing her job by slaying vampires and protecting those she cares about.

Not only that, but it also shows how much Spike cares for Buffy, when in the past he found her rather annoying. The comic was filled with action, not only with just the fight scene but also in conversation between two couples in the story.  It even touches on real world topics, such as their friend Andrews accepting his homosexuality.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from Dark Horse Comics for the purposes of this article.

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