Author: Tara M. Clapper

How I Explored External Validation Through Transformative Role Play at New World Magischola

Run 5 (Second Semester) of New World Magischola was the most transformative role playing experience of my decade-long LARPing career. While I went into the game as prepared as possible for an intense, dark plot and a romantic story ending in heartbreak, my primary game experience revolved around internal and external validation and the availability of choices in a world without sexism. Transformative role play provides meaningful change in a player’s life or way of thinking as the result of the emotions and experiences of the character they portray. Some experience this at New World Magischola, a live action...

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The Geek Initiative Is Now On Patreon: Here’s Why

It’s been a long road since I founded The Geek Initiative back in May of 2013. I was still making a living writing for various citizen journalism and pay-by-pageview sites, learning about SEO copywriting and how to make shareable content. Since then, I’ve decided to fully commit time and resources to TGI while also finding full-time work in content marketing and freelance work as an editor of fiction and a LARP marketer. Support us on Patreon! Here at TGI, we don’t have a huge budget. What we do have comes out of my personal investment into the site – and...

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Abuse with an E: Netflix’s ‘Anne of Green Gables’ Gritty Adaptation, Ep. 1

Like many adult fans of “Anne of Green Gables,” I had concerns about Netflix’s “Anne with an E.” Based upon L. M. Montgomery’s novel about an orphan who finds a home on Prince Edward Island, the Netflix version provides a more realistic, gritty interpretation of the abuse and neglect implied in the novels and the first adaptation. And I’m glad. Knowing more about myself in my thirties, I find this rendition of “Anne” harder to accept, but also valuable in exploring my own identity. Kevin Sullivan’s 1985 version is beloved to many, including myself, and served as inspiration for...

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Why ‘Anne With an E’ Isn’t For Me – But May Be Good For Your Kids

“Anne with an E” was not created for me or fans of L. M. Montgomery’s book series or the fans of Kevin Sullivan’s 1985 adaptation. “Anne with an E” brings Anne to a new generation of girls who need her. Moira Walley-Beckett’s “Anne with an E” isn’t for me, but I’ve still learned something from it now that I’m done with the first season. Note: This post contains light spoilers. Content warning for discussion of abuse, suicide, bullying, and grief. That was hard to write. I’m 36, and my life situation and my body work in such a way that...

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Summer LARP is Coming: All About the ‘Dragon Thrones’ Innovative RPG Design

Dragon Thrones is a gaming event coming to Bryn Mawr, PA, USA in July, 2017. As a LARPer (live action role player) extremely interested in political and military-oriented role play, Dragon Thrones caught my interest immediately. However, this experience goes beyond your usual LARP, and incorporates other elements and mechanics – such as an integral strategy map – to provide focus and realistic representation of world-changing events. Billed as a “MegaGame hybrid,” Dragon Thrones aims to provide something very new to the blockbuster LARP scene in the US. This is very much at the forefront a trend to combine the most...

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Join The Geek Initiative Book Club on Goodreads

Naturally, our geeky community members love to talk about books. Books are many things to us: escape from the stress of the real world, educational material, or fiction that helps us cope with the reality of our current socio-political climate. Our club will read approximately one book per month (some may take more or less time, depending on page count and subject matter) and members will suggest and select the book for the following month. We show preference to works inexpensive or free to promote accessibility, while understanding that authors deserve to be paid for their work. Ready to...

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I’m Attending a Blockbuster LARP: 12 Ways I Budget to Make It Happen

If you’re at all familiar with the international LARP scene, you know that blockbuster LARPs are a big deal. You also know that due to insurance, high production value, and fair wage, they can also get really pricey – and that’s been a big point of discussion recently. I’ve been the underemployed Starbucks worker wondering if I’d ever afford a vacation, and now I make a wage that would be comfortable – except for the rising cost of healthcare here in the U.S., which can easily surpass my monthly car payment and even my rent. But LARP is important...

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23 Things You Should Know About LARPing with a Chronic Illness

LARPing with a chronic illness isn’t easy, especially when the symptoms start long before you even know what you’re dealing with. I remember the long car ride back from North Jersey. It was years before the car accident. There I was with a migraine, struggling not to throw up when I should have been celebrating my recent engagement. Chronic pain was in my life, but I was about to commit to help run a LARP and start a life with someone. I took my cue from a lot of other people: losing weight was as simple as doing what...

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