Author: Tara M. Clapper

Remembering My Grammy: The Woman Who Inspired Me

I made this site because I believe women in geek culture deserve a space. And while every woman has different feelings about motherhood and their own mothers, I never realized how much liberation I could find in the sheer act of creating this space. This virtual spot means a great deal, even if it’ll never be perfect and it gets attacked a few hundred times per day (sometimes randomly, occasionally not). Elevating women who create art and providing a meaningful, safe space for expression is important. But beyond a need to be heard and a desire to accommodate even more...

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Rolling an Alt: Facing Fears of LARPing as an Alternative Character

Committing to an alt (alternative character) at your main boffer combat fantasy game can be a scary business for several reasons. I’m preparing an alt for an upcoming LARP (live action role playing) event, and I’ve identified a few fears that others may share. Below are a list of these fears as well as my solutions or ways of coping with them: I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how I RP my main LARP character. What if I don’t do as well as my new character? The compliments I’ve received about LARPing were about my skill and abilities....

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Getting Noticed: How to Get Plot for Your LARP Character

“I feel so unnoticed and I never get plot.” It’s a frequent complaint heard from players at multiple LARPs (live action role playing games) in multiple genres, and no one likes feeling ignored. If you feel frustrated about lack of plot for your character or simply want to improve your experience at a LARP, here are some ideas to consider. What traits will help you get plot for your character in a game? Exceptional roleplay – Amazing RP gets noticed. This doesn’t mean you have to be the center of attention at all times, but your character should react...

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Trump Wins 2016, Not Women: The Geek Initiative Editorial

As the founder and senior editor of a website striving to advance the interests of women in geek culture intersectionally, I’ve been thinking about what to say to this community since the states started flipping red on the map. Through this election season, we as a publication have remained overtly left, championing acceptance over hate, but not tackling the political issues directly because it was a challenge and because those who do desire equality often felt disenfranchised and divided within our own movements. No one pitched me a political post and I did not solicit any. That was a...

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Is LARP like ‘Role Models?’

LARP organizers and experienced LARPers have heard this question more than once: Is LARP like Role Models? Those new to LARP might have a genuine interest in this topic. In the hit film Role Models, the two main characters (Wheeler and Danny, played by Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd) are ‘condemned’ to community service at an organization called Study Wings – not entirely unlike a Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter. At Sturdy Wings is Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), a teen with parents who are concerned about his primary social activity: LARPing. The movie explores LARPing as it relates to...

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6 Tips for Playing a Bard at a LARP

Have you ever wanted to play a bard at a LARP (live action role playing game)? This seems like a natural choice, especially if you love to sing, dance, act or recite poetry. If you’re ready to take on or improve this role, how should you prepare? Practice Your Craft In some ways, performing at a LARP is no different than performing in real life. It requires practice and expression. Even though many games will allow you to learn certain spells or compositions to present in-game effects with each performance, you still need to captivate your audience and hold their...

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Live Performance Review: William Shatner in ‘Shatner’s World’

What comes to mind when you think about William Shatner? Likely it’s his work on “Star Trek,” a reputation for being petty, or some really ‘out there’ music he recorded. Maybe it’s his penchant for over-acting. My perception of William Shatner was limited to these popular notions until I saw “Shatner’s World” at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA. Shatner recognizes he’s at the waning phase of his life as he recounts all the things he’s grateful for. “Shatner’s World” provides an insider perspective – the audience learns not just what Shatner thinks and feels, but why. Revealed on...

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The (Latest) LARP Haven Dumpster Fire: When Demanding Equality is ‘Political’

Like most LARPers (live action role players), I’ve met some amazing and inspiring people at LARPs and online via the LARP community, including people who live all over the world. LARP has allowed me to broaden my world view with the common ground of this exciting game style / art form / hobby / creation. LARP Haven is a Facebook group accommodating international LARPers of all stripes. From newbies wondering how to get involved to professional LARP organizers, the group boasts over 5,4000 members at the writing of this post. Since its inception, leadership has changed, as have the nature...

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