Author: David Ellis

UnderTale: A Conversation You Should Have

I will pull no punches: this is your only warning. There may be spoilers. I’ll be as vague as humanly possible, but I can only do so much. You were expecting an article about the game, and you will have it. This won’t be easy for me. But if you’ve already beaten it, you may understand why. It had been a week since I’d beaten the crowd-funded indie darling known as UnderTale. I found myself loading it back up for another run, hoping to experience the magic once more. Then the game asked me to not put everyone through...

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Too Many Games 2015: Chronicles of a Waterlogged Desperado

I walked out of the rain like an old school desperado, flying sheets of water pouring over my old school duds. I looked up at Hall C of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center with a grin. Nothing says journalism to me like when I get to wear a cowboy hat and duster. Too Many Games is widely considered by people who travel in my circles to be one of the greatest gaming experiences in the region, especially if you’re a fan of old school gaming. I was a man on a mission, complete with my standard convention backpack. It...

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In Memory of Sir Terry Pratchett, Slayer of Dragons, et al.

  I remember being an awkward high school student with no ability to engage with the world around myself on a meaningful level. It was problematic to say the least- I had more issues than the New York Times on one hand, and a flying barrel of depression on the other. Anyone whose ever been there knows, breaking that particular cycle (and dodging a flying barrel) requires a bit more than a night out on the town. It was going to require magic to fix it, possibly an Unseen University of crazy wizards with no common sense and a sizable...

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Dreamation 2015: LARP (Oblivion Part 1) and Tabletop Coverage (Greyhawk Reborn, 13th Age)

They say that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and when life gives you an adamantly wonderful set of friends, you make random convention stops. By some strange twist of fate, I’d never been to Dreamation or any other pure gaming convention. I’d only been to Anime conventions and when I saw the big massive board full of demo-game signups, I knew I had found something I had sought for many years: Nerdvana. I believe I’ve earned the right to make that joke exactly once. Oblivion LARP: The Strife of Perception, Part One My first big event of the convention...

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Spotlight on Professional GMing: Becky Thomas and The Roleplay Workshop

There are a lot of great RPGs out there, and a lot of great players. There have been proven benefits for children who start playing at a young age, and Becky Thomas of The Roleplay Workshop has run a youth program for students in California for the last 25 years. Working at both conventions and after-school programs, she’s managed to help children throughout her area as a professional GM. Our senior editor Tara Clapper interviewed her about her projects in a series of e-mails. -KungFuDave Tara M Clapper: The real world has a lot to say about limitations, especially when...

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Deadpool #250 / #45 – Deadpool Dies?

People die. That is a fact. The end comes to all of us. However, comic characters get a resurrection every couple of months, and they’ve been doing it regularly ever since Superman decided to kick the bucket in the nineties, and then decided that a kryptonian healing coma might be right up his alley. Still, it makes for a good story, it’s just a little worrisome that we get this story an awful lot. In April, we’re getting Deadpool #250 (AKA: Deadpool #45 of his newest series.) We’re promised excitement, laughs, and the resolution of a story that only...

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – A Review

I speak now to you, scions of Geekdom, of the fabled tales of a hobbit most small: Bilbo Baggins. The hobbit that stood at the Battle of the Five Armies, that stood down the mighty Thorin Oakenshield, that fought to determine the fate of Middle Earth. He did pass on his mighty treasures to the one they call Frodo, but all true scholars of the storied tomes of J.R.R. Tolkien would speak only of Frodo in passing. Though Frodo did slay the foul Sauron in his quest, he lacked Bilbo’s skill, charm, narrative focus, and theme song bestowed by...

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“It’s Not Just Tentacle Porn!” – Why We Watch Anime (Introduction)

If you’re an anime fan, you know exactly where this is going. There is a common perception when Japanese anime is brought up, whether in casual conversation or with various authority figures; according to their expert opinion, anime is either tentacle pornography or children’s cartoons. Needless to say, this is not the case, so it’s time for a quick exploration of the broad and nebulous category of entertainment we call “anime.” To those of you who know the medium and are aware of the gauntlet that is being thrown down here, let there be no doubt: we could discuss why...

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