Author: Rachel Bellwoar

La Borinqueña Brings Puerto Rican Pride to Amalgam Comics

Superman has Metropolis. Green Arrow has Starling City. Most superheroes have a city they associate with, but those ties are kept strictly non-exclusive: you can’t tell where they work just by their super name and their super suits don’t display an obvious affiliation. La Borinqueña #1 has a different inclination. Writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez’s use of places and cultures are supremely laudable in this graphic novel, which takes every opportunity to celebrate what it means to be Puerto Rican (borinqueña means “resident of Puerto Rico”). Marisol is a Puerto Rican superhero, but she’s also Puerto Rico’s superhero. Her super suit has the colors of the flag...

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Cannonballs, Crush, and Women in the Lead: Comic Review of Image’s Motor Crush, Vol 1

Motor Crush TPB #1 On Sale June 14th Created by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr Colorist: Heather Danforth Letterer: Aditya Bidikar Publisher: Image Comics Domino Swift is a motorcycle racer for the World Grand Prix. Her next big race is against motorcycle favorite Decimus Wexler. In the top left corner of every page, there’s even a descending countdown to give the impression that the big race will be the close of the volume. But unfortunately for Domino, that’s not meant to be. Motor Crush builds a plot that is much more complex, and much more illegal, than...

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