Author: Paul Caldarazzo

Arrow Season 3, Episode 17, “Suicidal Tendencies” Review

This was one of stronger episodes of Arrow this season. The pacing was good, the acting strong, the story fresh and crisp. The only down side was no Malcolm Merlyn as he’s obviously still recovering on Thea’s couch. My only gripe is that the quality of season three overall has been a let down. I feel like if The Flash has a strong episode; Arrow doesn’t that week and vica versa. I can’t think of the last time both shows were strong and impressive during the same week. Maybe the creative teams are being stretched too thin, which doesn’t...

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Flash Season 1, Episode 16 “Rogue Time” Review

Barry Allen, for all of his scientific smarts and being a professed science fiction geek never apparently watched Back to the Future or read The Time Machine. If he did he would not have made such a mess as he did during this episode. He would not have disregarded Dr. Wells’ sage advice to not change the past or their would have be huge ramifications. During the Time Machine’s 2002 movie, something a young Barry would have watched as a child, he sees that the Time Traveler cannot save his fiance, Emma, no matter what he does or how...

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The Flash Episode 15, Season 1 “Out of Time” Review

Contributor Paul provides us with a review to the most recent Flash episode, and gives his thoughts as well.    The Flash Episode 15, Season 1 “Out of Time” Review “…Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.” These are the immortal words of T.S Elliot from the poem Little Gidding. We begin the episode with a flashback to a year ago when Joe’s first partner died the night of the great storm. We first meet Liam MacIntyre of Spartacus who plays a character related to someone very significant. Even without powers at this point...

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Arrow Season 3, Episode 16, “The Offer” Review

Contributor Paul gives us a rundown of the latest episode of Arrow, and includes his thoughts as well.      Arrow Season 3, Episode 16 review “The Offer” “I want you to become the next Ra’s Al Ghul” blurted Ra’s when Oliver was at his mercy. Ra’s then gave Oliver the primer on The League of Assassins and how as the next Ra’s Oliver would have unlimited resources to make his quest global. To try to sway Oliver to take the offer, Ra’s prophesied that Oliver was destined to be alone and that the city he loves, as well as friends...

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Diversity in Comics Part I: Right Intention, Wrong Execution

Welcome to The Geek Initiative’s three-part series about diversity in comics. This series explores feelings surrounding a wider representation in current comic books. For more perspectives on this issue, see part II and part III. “I doubt the world is ready for a black Captain America,” bellowed George Mathers of the Super Human Commission in 1987 when Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, was mentioned to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America. Today, however, in the comics, Sam Wilson is Captain America. Before Sam Wilson, several years ago, Miles Morales debuted as Spider-Man, a half Spanish, half African American teenager....

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Why Female Gamers Are the Jewels of the Gaming Community: A Male Prespective

Female gamers, for the most part, are not appreciated for their immense talents. They are not damsels in distress but powerful jewels of transformational change. The problem is a culture exists that has mostly been male dominated and it fails to recognize this fact. Ignorance is not bliss. It is intolerant, sexist and it is what needs to end immediately. I’ve been playing and running table top games and LARPs for the better part of thirty years. I’ve seen good and bad gamers and LARPers. In my honest opinion, females are generally better gamers who pay better attention to...

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