Author: Megan Rae

The Discipline #1 Disappoints in Execution

This article, and the first issue of The Discipline, contain discussions of sexual assault and violence. This comic, a new series from Image Comics, has been getting a lot of attention lately for its cover art and content. The cover features a woman being undressed, seemingly against her will as she looks frightened, by a disembodied demonic hand. The art is gaining attention because it is featured prominently on the Sunday entrance badges for Emerald City Comic Con. Readers, retailers, and con-goers alike are facing uncomfortable interactions with the cover art, which does not bode well for the content of...

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You Might Not Recognize Me with My Red Arm…Until You Read This Comic!

We all have questions after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Who is Rey? Where did Finn come from? What crazy tantrum is Kylo going to have next? We all have our theories and assumptions, but what we can’t figure out is possibly the most important, most world-changing mystery of all… why does C-3PO show up, after all this time, and is just completely unrecognizable with that red arm? What happened?! Don’t despair, fellow confused Star Wars fans, Marvel is coming to the rescue and releasing a very special C-3PO one-shot to explain just how he got his mysterious crimson...

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Color Your Way into the Marvel Universe: New Books Announced

Marvel continues publishing the latest relaxation trend: adult coloring books. With many franchises putting out coloring books for our favorite books and movies, it’s high time that Marvel releases more of these. Following the widespread success of the recent Deadpool coloring book as well as DC’s Adult Coloring Book variant comic covers, the upcoming Marvel coloring books are bound to be a hit. Coordinating this new line of adult coloring books with recent comic events and upcoming movies should make them even more exciting and will give us yet another way to immerse ourselves in the Marvel universe and add...

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Sink Your Claws into Patsy Walker; AKA Hellcat

The first issue of Patsy Walker; AKA Hellcat is a comic I have been waiting on for months. I’ve had the promo postcard on my nightstand since I grabbed it from my LCS, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t up late googling pictures of the teaser art. It’s FINALLY here and let me tell you, Internet, it does not disappoint. It may have snuck in just at the end of 2015, but this book arrives with a strong, hilarious, gorgeous first issue that easily places on my top 10 list for the past year. (First off to...

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“Huck,” Your Friendly Neighborhood Man of Steel

“Huck” is a new series from Mark Millar, of “Kick-Ass” and “The Secret Service” fame. However, if I had picked up this first issue with no cover and no credits, I would never have guessed his name was tied to the book at all. Millar’s most well-known titles have generally been gritty, dark, funny, and let’s face it… sometimes a little vulgar or insensitive. It is nearly a guarantee at this point that anything out of Millarworld will have some edge to it. In this new series from Image Comics, however, it seems that Millar is exploring the softer...

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Uncovering the Mystery- Mystery Girl Review

We’re living in an age now that is steeped in Superhero movies, X-Men lore, and storylines that focus a lot on world-saving and not so much on the little guys who just had their building crushed at lunch by a bird, or a plane, or a speeding bullet. Consequently, the age-old story of the buff dude in a cape coming to terms with his immense amounts of money and fame and heat vision has gotten a little stale. Mystery Girl introduces a new view on the super-powered folk in the modern world; more akin to Spidey trying to pay...

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Marvel and espnW Team Up to Honor Real Sports Heroes

This December, Marvel illustrators will step away from the pages of comic books and take on the honor of personifying real-life superheroes in a creative team-up with espnW. This year’s espnW IMPACT25 list, which spotlights female athletes and influential figures in the field of female athletics, features inspirational figures worth of comic book hero treatment. To accomplish this representation of the IMPACT25 honorees, a group of Marvel artists will render “Super” versions of these already exceptional individuals. As Alison Overholt, editor-in-chief of espnW, states, “There have been some truly superhuman accomplishments in the last year, and there is no one...

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