Author: Liam Gianty

Dice Forge: A Review of Asmodee’s Face-Changing Tabletop Game

Dice Forge combines the two things I love about board games: customization and cool bits. The game uses both of these so well I’m almost ready to forgive its rather basic mechanics. Almost. Dice Forge: Rolling Mechanics The game itself is, at its heart, a sort of hybrid dice-roller/deck builder, but with the twist that your dice are your deck. Each turn, every player rolls two big clunky dice and adds whatever resource they’ve rolled into their stock. Gold is, at least in the early game, where the real fun of the game lies – you spend Gold at...

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Board Game Review: Evil Hat Productions’ Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

Dresden Files and Evil Hats It’s fair to say that Evil Hat Productions have done well by the Dresden Files license. The Dresden Files RPG was the flagship title of their Fate Roleplaying system a few years ago and easily took the world by storm. With innovative mechanics, a fantastic approach to design topped with one of the best, most well-written source books in recent memory, the game quickly cemented itself as one of the best RPGs on the market. Not content being one of the indie RPG worlds darlings, Evil Hat has turned their sights to the card...

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