Author: Kat Cahill

Sex is Violence: InSexts Hatches at AfterShock Comics

People often dismiss horror without making any attempt to understand it. Several feminist thinkers have spilt a great deal of ink ripping into the genre as inherently misogynist. While it is true that the majority of slasher films depict little more than banal violence against women, the macabre also has a unique ability to explore the line between sickness and health, good and evil, life and death. This happens to be especially true of the seldom used subgenre known as body horror. For those unfamiliar with the term, body horror typically involves the protagonist’s body mutating or twisting in...

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Fractured Tales: I Hate Fairyland Review

As a bookish, but unfortunately impressionable youth, I wasted several hours searching for magical worlds out in the woods, behind mirrors, and inside wardrobes. I yearned for the sorts of adventures experienced by Alice, Dorothy, Lucy, and a host of other young women whose curiosity far outstripped their common sense. I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young makes me grateful that my childhood quests inevitably returned me to my relatively boring childhood. Having worked at Marvel for over a decade on such titles as Rocket Raccoon, X-Men, and perhaps most relevantly The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , Skottie Young brings...

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