Author: Katriel Paige

Woman of Science Mariam the Astrolabe-maker (Mariam al-Ijiyah bint al-Ijli al-Asturlabi)

It’s a common misconception that women were only working in spheres of society outside home and nursing/education as a recent thing, from World War 2 onwards, but this is just a misconception. Across the world women worked, and in a variety of fields. For example, while we think of a Eurocentric view of the medieval period as the Dark Ages, it was also – in North Africa, much of the Mediterranean, and elsewhere – known as the Golden Age of Islam, where scholars and translators kept knowledge from more ancient sources (such as Greco-Roman sources, Egyptian sources, et al.)...

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Woman of Science Mary Jackson: Real Life ‘Hidden Figure’

Thanks to the release of the film “Hidden Figures,” Mary Jackson has come to more of the forefront – as she deserves to, as she was a key researcher working in NASA even while Jim Crow laws were still in effect. Mary Jackson primarily worked in the Hampton and Langley areas in Virginia, starting as a research mathematician (a computer – as in, someone who computes) in the early 1950s. After taking a job with engineer Czarnecki with wind tunnel and aerodynamics research, Czarnecki encouraged Jackson to study to become an engineer – a task that entailed studying advanced...

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Woman of Science Dr. Nancy Grace Roman: Mother of Hubble

When Nancy Grace Roman was 11 years old, she organized an astronomy club and learned about constellations from books. So interested was she in the stars that by the time she reached high school, she wanted to learn astronomy – no matter how others around her tried to discourage her. She studied as much as she could, earning her PhD in astronomy at the University of Chicago in 1949, and while she worked at several observatories, a tenure track with a university was difficult for women at the time, and she found herself working with the Naval Research Laboratory....

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