Author: Catherine C.J. Baxley

Unboxing the Music (Video): “The Music Box” Subscription

Disclosure: Reprinted with permission from We The Nerdy. We The Nerdy recently received our first subscription box from The Music Box! The Music Box is dedicated to showcasing new artists straight to your front door. TMB says this is “the broke music fan’s guide to music discovery,” striving to promote artists and creating an opportunity for subscribers to discover new music. TMB can be ordered two ways: you can choose “The Box” for $12.00/month, which includes two or more CDs and small other goodies of fan merch or what we got, “The Bundle.” “The Bundle” is great because not only are you receiving...

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Cosplay Spotlight: Rebecca Lindsay and Her Overnight Fame at NYCC 2016

Rebecca Lindsay loves to be creative and has been artistic from the time she was a child, sitting around her kitchen table sketching alongside her sisters. Today, she is an alumni of William Paterson University of New Jersey and currently works for a major television studio as a “Global Media Prep Technician.” In her spare time, she continues to draw, direct short films, and cosplay. Only cosplaying for a few years, Lindsay was an overnight (actually, within only a few hours) sensation at this year’s New York Comic Con held in the city’s famous Jacob Javits Convention Center. The best Mystique cosplay...

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Got a Cat in Your Family? The Doctor is In!

Disclosure: Republished with permission from Care About the Strays dba Cats for Adoption.  If you google “whisker fatigue” in cats, majority of the first page links that pop up are all dated to mid-2015. Almost every person I’ve spoken to, who has/had or never had a cat or pet, responded what the hell is whisker fatigue? So, that’s when I discovered Dr. Catsby. The more I dove into information about cat health while doing research for upcoming articles and events, I discovered Dr. Catsby. It’s fascinates me how much the the human body can do, but others are even more so....

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The Final Issues: Review of Terry Moore’s ‘Rachel Rising: Dust to Dust’

My last review on Terry Moore’s successful comic series, Rachel Rising, The Geek Initiative published back in May. Since then, the website has been hacked and we’ve been locked out from pumping content. Now we’re back. As I sit at my computer typing these words, I ask myself if I delayed reading this final trade because I was waiting for the website to be live again or I was saving myself from the inevitable: the end of Rachel Rising. My obsession with Terry Moore’s work began with Echo from Abstract Studio. Almost a year ago, I reviewed my first...

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Building (LARP) Character for Your Double-Life: Part II

Disclosure: Republished with permission from AwesomeShit.Ninja In part I of this series, we went over my LARP life story and how I came to build Ashlynn within the Seventh Kingdom IGE lore. We talked about looking into different genres you may be drawn to, types of personas you’d want to portray, and how I used my personal Out-of-Game or OOG interests to bring Ashlynn to life. So, let’s talk about you! First off, who in the hell are you? Mind you, we’re talking about the fake you not the you-you. One thing I have always struggled with was trying to figure out...

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Building (LARP) Character for Your Double-Life: Part I

Disclosure: Reprinted with permission from AwesomeShit.Ninja As mentioned in my first article, I’m going to talk about my home game quite often and use my experiences as “prime” examples. So I’m going to go through my own character building process and make some suggestions that may help you when making your character a real person (you may think I’m using that term loosely). Before moving forward, I’d like to clarify for anyone reading my writings and those just tuning in for the first time. I am not an expert in terms of being the perfect LARPer! I’m a graduate student who...

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Comic Review: ‘Black Magick: Awakening’

Praise for Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s comic series from Image, Black Magick: Awakening. Its first trade collection for the series was first released in October 2015. TGI‘s Senior Editor, Tara M. Clapper reviewed the first issue of the comic following the release. “Black Magick: Awakening” Summary (Some Spoilers) The first few pages open to panels in the middle of the woods to celebrate Mabon (or Fall Equinox) to a closed circle of chanting to bless the season. So mote it be. The festivities attire is one to be admired. Everyone is wearing cloaks and some sort of head covering or piece. What I...

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