Author: Catherine C.J. Baxley

LARPer Profile: Alena Lithvir, a.k.a. Nicole Wheatley

Name: Nicole Wheatley IG Name & Race: Alena Lithvir, Twilight Elf Age: 28 Number of Years LARPing: 5 Home Game: Seventh Kingdom IGE Born with a rare eye disorder, Nicole Wheatley has not let her disability stop her from enjoying the benefits of LARPing. Although it hasn’t been easy immersing herself into the imaginary world, she is an avid comic book nerd and gamer. Here is Nicole’s story overcoming great obstacles and inspiration to all of us. Catherine C. J. Baxley: How did you first learn about LARPing and where was your first event? Nicole Wheatley: I feel as though I had two first events:...

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Review of Meowbox: Meow (in a Box)

Disclosure: Republished with permission from Care About the Strays dba Cats for Adoption. After the success of KitNipBox took off with all our feline friends housed in the main foster sanctuary, Kitty Garden Sanctuary, it was time to bring them even more excitement and to avoid being bored. Another subscription box I reached out to was Meowbox. Meowbox chooses toys that will create positive stimulation, healthy cat treats, and every cat’s favorite object in the world: a box. Unfortunately, Benjamin (the star of our unboxing video), was a bit too chunky to fit! Comparing to KitNipBox, Meowbox is a bit more personalized. They took the time to write...

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Reaching New Heights With Climb-It Cat

Disclosure: Republished with permission from Care About the Strays dba Cats for Adoption. Cats love to climb. It’s pretty much fact. One day, I was doing some research for my cat in purchasing a new cat tree for him. Nothing in particular, but browsing. Years ago, I used to volunteer at another local animal shelter and one of the tasks that needed to be completed during your shift was to brush the hair out of the cat trees. The task wasn’t daunting, but there were quite a few within the cat kennel. There had to be an easier way to...

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LARPer Profile: House, the Pure Blood a.k.a. Ashley Zdeb

Name: Ashley Zdeb IG Name & Race: House, Pure Blood Age: 35 Number of Years LARPing: 19 Home Game: Dystopia Rising Working towards a more gender-neutral, interactive gaming environment, Ashley Zdeb has been LARPing for the past ninteen years and is the co-founder of Dystopia Rising and CEO of Eschaton Media. Catherine C. J. Baxley: How did you first learn about LARPing and where was your first event? Ashley Zdeb: I began hanging out with a group of people at the local Denny’s during our late- night forays for mozzarella sticks and coffee. After a few weeks of getting to know them and...

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LARPer Profile: Rahima & Other Elves, a.k.a. Little Miss Marilynn

Little Miss Marilynn IG Name & Race: Rahima, Sand Elf Ellethwen, Forest Elf Doctor Hartmann, Lascarian Age: 24 Number of Years LARPing: 1.5 Home Game: KANAR Little Miss Marliynn, a lolita and fashion enthusiast, is also one of the coolest elves I’ve ever met! With a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, she’s been LARPing for almost two years, and she’s completely taken with the role of her character. Marilynn takes pride in designing her own garb and helps others LARP through play to decompress from the various challenges life throws at all of us. Catherine C. J. Baxley: How did...

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Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe She’s A Troll: LARP Makeup 101

Disclosure: Republished with permission from AwesomeShit.Ninja It’s amazing how much effort people put into their LARP makeup and outfits more than their everyday looks. Ironically, my boyfriend and I were walking through a department store the other evening and he kept pointing to things if I liked them or not. Most of my responses were no, and he replied, “I’m just gonna follow you and stay quiet.” “Why?” I asked. “I have no idea what you actually like to shop for!” He had a point. Anything clothing related always went back to my LARP attire and purchasing corsets at the renaissance...

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Comic Book Review: “Green Valley” #2

In the first issue of Green Valley: It All Began With One Mistake, “[t]he [K]nights of Kelodia are the finest in the land, but they’ve never faced a power like the one that resides in the Green Valley” [Source]. Once they defeat the barbarian warlord, they return to their humble village and dine with the king and citizens for a gracious feast. Unfortunately, the small village is struck with horror as the barbarian and his horde for vengeance, murdering men, women, and children – but to us and Bertwald, the most painful death of all was Amaila, his fiance.  In my...

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Meeting Terry Moore at NYCC 2016: My Favorite Comic Book Artist

I took the ferry to get into the city across the river and get dropped off right in front of Jacob Javits Convention Center – or to what most of the people in attendance that day refers it to: the home of New York Comic Con. The lines wrapped three times around the entire block where the building sits and it felt like it was going to be a long wait. After fifteen or twenty minutes of waiting, the one massive line turned into a blob of a crowd that began pouring into the convention center. It was insane and...

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